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We study how Pronal rubber technology industry can be shared

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We study how Pronal rubber technology industry can be shared


We study how the Pronal rubber technology industry can be shared; in the era of Internet and big data flooding the world, "dripping" has become a must for people to travel. In the continuation of the burst, home photovoltaic is entering millions of households. Data show that in 2017, the new installed units of domestic photovoltaics reached 500,000 households in China. General Manager Fang of Shanghai Fuyetong Trading Co., Ltd. said that the industry's previous estimate for the household photovoltaic market in 2018 was 800,000 units installed. However, according to recent policy changes, enterprises previously engaged in industry and Commerce and air power plants will shift more attention to household use, so the household market in 2018 will be larger than expected, or 1 million units installed.



And this is only the end, the size of the household photovoltaic market will shrink dramatically with the passage of time. The expansion of installed capacity has brought huge demand for operation and maintenance. The characteristics of small capacity and decentralization of household power plants have resulted in the difficulty of operation and maintenance of power plants. The phenomenon that the effect of user power station is not getting professional operation and maintenance, and that the professional operation and maintenance team can not find customers is common. In response to this situation, there is a pioneer enterprise, determined to make a "drop-by-drop" platform for photovoltaic industry, so that users of power plants can find professional operation and maintenance teams through the platform, so that operation and maintenance teams can timely find customers who need operation and maintenance through the platform.


This company is the general manager of Shanghai Fuyetong Trading Co., Ltd. On March 20, Tricrystal Electric, a well-known first-line Inverter Manufacturer in the industry, held a new product launch conference in Shanghai. Hao Hao has released a new series of I family R5 family photovoltaic inverters, home photovoltaic sharing operation and maintenance online platform. The home photovoltaic sharing operation and maintenance online platform has attracted the attention of the industry.

這家公司就是上海富業通貿易有限公司方總經理。320日,行業內知名的一線逆變器廠商三晶電氣在上海召開了家新品發布會。浩蕩發布了全新 i R5系列家庭光伏逆變器產品、家庭光伏共享運維線上平臺。其中的家庭光伏共享運維線上平臺吸引了行業人士的眼球。

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